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"Sarah's boot camp is fantastic! It is exactly what I was looking for...a chance to get a great workout and be outside! I started the boot camp 7 weeks after I had my 2nd baby and I wasn't sure how much I would be able to do.  Sarah adjusted the workouts to my level. She motivated me to push myself to work harder. The workouts are unique so you never get bored. I've lost 10 lbs and never felt stronger!"

CM - Belleair, FL

"After years of doing routine workouts at the gym, home treadmills and neighborhood walks, I felt I needed a kick start since it was getting a little tougher to stay motivated and in shape. I’m 53 and was a bit hesitant to start something as radical sounding as “boot camp”, but after 8 months I wouldn’t want to work-out any other way. Sarah is such a motivator, not the drill sergeant type I pictured in my head, but a great coach who encourages and inspires each person individually to accomplish personal goals. She knows what you are capable of! By changing routines every day, different muscles get a good workout and it is anything but routine. My arms and legs are well toned again! Working out with a group has also been a big motivator as everybody is cheerleading for you without the intense competition. It’s all about you at Sarah’s Boot Camp!"

LR - Dunedin, FL

"After having weight loss surgery, I began looking to add variety to my exercise routine and challenge myself. I found both in Sarah’s Boot Camp! Five months in, I can truly say no class is ever the same as the one before. I’ve lost inches, pounds and even time (One minute less to run a mile, that is!)  and gained quality sleep, toned muscles and a larger wardrobe in a smaller size!! I couldn’t ask for anything more."

​JM - Clearwater, FL

"Why do I love Sarah's bootcamp? Let me count the ways. She makes me laugh, sometimes makes me want to cry, but all the time she makes my muscles feel good. I have met with Sarah a total of 3 times and already feel the difference the workouts are making. I am an endurance walker (I walk half marathons) and have not spent a lot of time doing weight bearing exercises. With the routines that Sarah has had me do, I can tell a difference in the strength in my legs and how it has helped shave time from my pace. Her varied routines keep things exciting, and helps me to stay motivated and I look forward to meeting with her on Monday's. If you haven't tried this type of work out and are looking for a boost to your current routine you do not need to look any where else. Sarah is the person you NEED to train with."

​VM - Brandon, FL

"I have really enjoyed the boot camps for the last couple of months. I look forward to the workouts. I’ve really noticed a difference in how I feel since I started with Sarah." NW - Valrico, FL

"After being inactive for some time, I was a little apprehensive about doing a boot camp but I knew that I needed to make a life change. Now after 7 weeks I am very happy that I took a chance and joined Sarah's Boot Camp. I have lost inches off my waist, hips and chest. I can't wait to see what gets left "behind" next. Sarah is a great motivator and my biggest cheerleader! I don't think that I would make it through some sessions without her and the other women."

MA - Clearwater, FL

"I am not a Gym person and my friend told me about Boot Camp. I thought I would give it a shot and I absolutely LOVE IT! I'll be going on my third month soon and will continue on. Working with a group motivates me to not give up so easily! The work is worth it for it pays off
​every I have more energy and motivation to do other things in life. Sarah does a GREAT job and is fun too."

JH - Valrico, FL

"I absolutely love boot camp! I love how you work every muscle group (even those I didn't know existed). It's been 3 months now and not only do I feel fantastic, I've definitely seen my body tone. My energy levels have sky rocketed, my balance is greatly improved, my stamina is increasing greatly and I love seeing my results improve at our monthly testing. Thanks for everything!"

AG - Valrico, FL

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