Who leads Sarah's Boot Camps?

Sarah's Boot Camps are primarily lead by Sarah herself in Clearwater.
Sarah is an experienced group exercise leader and personal trainer with over 
20 years of varied and diverse experience. She received her BS from
Indiana University, Bloomington with a double major in Exercise Science
and Fitness Specialist, a Nutrition minor, and also studied massage therapy post graduation in Los Angeles. She holds her American
Council on Exercise (ACE) Group Fitness Instructor Certification, and her ACE Personal Fitness Trainer Certification along with the ACSM
Health Fitness Instructor Certificate. In addition to years of experience including an internship at UCLA and taking fitness/yoga classes from
some of the most sought after instructors in the world, she's also been certified as both Zumba and TurboKick
​instructors, and is CPR certified by the Red Cross. Sarah has been leading fitness classes in Clearwater, FL since 2007 (via Stellar Fitness '07-'08), as well as working with clients one-on-one. Sarah focuses on functional training and believes that balance, body mechanics, and body awareness are extremely important in living a lifetime full of health and activity! She is a dance/yoga lover and a cookie-monster, and can't wait to work with you in the near future.

Me & Felecia side plankin' @ Fitlife Foods!

Serving Clearwater & Greater Tampa Bay

Frequently Asked Questions...

Who leads classes and trains client for the Corporate Fitness programs?

Sarah is blessed with an AMAZING team of instructors and trainers that share her passion for good, fun workouts and providing access to an improved quality of life! From Zumba instructors to 200+ hour certified yogi's, you're in good hands.

What should I expect at Sarah's Boot Camp?
Each day at camp will be a fun and unique challenge! You will work individually, in partners, and in teams to accomplish the daily routine. Each session will go through a warm-up, progressive exercises and drills, and a proper cool-down including stretching. You will be cued on proper form and technique throughout the entire session to ensure safety and proper results. Most importantly, you will be required to smile, chill out, and have a positive attitude!

What to bring to boot camp each day?
Besides a fun attitude and no egos, you will be required to bring a set of dumbbells (5, 8 or 10lbs), a large towel, and a full water bottle. All other equipment needed to perform drills and exercises will be provided. You will also be required to wear breathable, athletic attire and a quality pair of cross-training gym shoes. All loose fitting shorts should be accompanied by 'spandex shorts' or come equipped with a fitted liner. T-shirts and tank tops are recommended for all as well. Sunglasses and/or a hat or visor aren't a bad idea either!

When and where will we meet?
Clearwater: Camp will be held in Downtown Clearwater where we will begin promptly at 6:30pm each Tuesday and Thursday evening as well as select Saturday mornings at 8am. Each individual session lasts for exactly 60 minutes. 

*For all campers, you are encouraged to leave all personal belongings hidden in your vehicle (trunk) and we'll collect keys in one central spot, (so that you don't have to worry about lugging them around)! If we will be taking a field trip to a different location on any given day, you will be given clear directions and advance warning.